Job Order Contracting

Job-Order Contracting

Reliable performance from specialized commercial contractors.

Chicago Commercial Construction (CCC) is one of a small handful of commercial contractors in the Chicago area qualified to handle job-order contracting (JOC) projects. These highly-specialized projects are dependent on responsiveness, performance, reliability, and quality, all areas where CCC truly stands out among commercial contractors in our area.

JOC projects are bid, negotiated, and issued based on long-term agreements between the project owner and the JOC contractor. To win repeat business as a JOC contractor, we must not only present the best pricing, but we must also excel at working within budgetary and time constraints while delivering the desired levels of quality. This means that we must provide the client the best possible value across the board to be successful in commercial job-order contracting. Delivering maximum value is a core tenant of our approach as commercial contractors, and our value combines with our responsiveness to make CCC an ideal contractor for these long-term JOC projects.