Construction Management

Construction Management, Chicago

CCC fosters teamwork for success as your construction manager.

Chicago Commercial Contractors (CCC) offers expert construction management services to clients in Chicago and throughout the surrounding region. Success as a construction manager starts with extensive experience in the construction industry, but there are many other requirements: strong communication skills, responsiveness, and problem-solving abilities—just to name a few.

At CCC, we approach construction management in Chicago with our well-known versatility and pragmatism. Because every construction management project has unique requirements, we must be ready to adapt our services carefully to meet the needs of each project owner. Our capabilities in construction management include working closely with architects, collaborating on bidding documents, conducting meetings with project stakeholders, interviewing GCs and subcontractors, scheduling, budgeting, overall oversight of the project, and much more. Acting as the intermediary between our clients, design agencies, GCs, and subcontractors, CCC skillfully manages everything.